How To Improve Your Rankings With Social Media

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It is no longer possible for SEO and social media to operate as two separate tools. As social plays an ever increasing role in SEO, it is important to consider how to align these two marketing tools for optimal benefit.

How Does Social Media Effect SEO?

SEO experts will traditionally focus on content, website architecture and linking. Whilst these critical tools are still considered best practice by webmasters, as social media gradually takes hold, SEO will also need to include:

  • Identity – Google Authorship and relevancy
  • Relationships - #Google search results, G+
  • Content – Quality content, on-page relevancy and optimisation

5 Top Tips For Boosting SEO Using Social Media

1. Choose the Right Social Platform – If your post is public, Facebook is a great choice. However, when users share and engage with your posts, it is likely to become visible only by friends of that user. Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ are much better for distributing a message to the masses as anyone can view your post, without having to log in. If you can’t see it without signing in, a search engine can’t either.

2. Format Your Content – Each social network has its own unique way of distributing a message. Twitter limits Tweets to 140 characters, where as Facebook has a limit of 63k. It is advisable however, to keep posts concise. Make sure that your content is formatted so that the message is clear and complete. If you are going to synchronise your accounts, make sure that your message appears in a uniform manner, on as many networks as possible.

3. Start a Conversation – Since Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update, conversational search has become one of the biggest changes to how SEO experts create content. Putting focus on the search query or question asked; search engines love conversations which answer these. As opinions form around your conversation and multiple sources weigh in, the topic becomes more relevant. Social conversations can inform your keywords strategy and then these search terms can inform your social content strategy.

4. Join Gatherings – Similar to starting a conversation, forums, public Facebook pages and Twitter trends are also great places to find keyword rich conversations. By voicing your opinions, within a conversion in the social sphere that are relevant to your brand, you can establish yourself as a valued resource. A good way to reach potential new customers, it is also great for brand awareness.

5. Use Hashtag Trends – Hashtags (#) have become the standard way to highlight talking points or subjects in social media posts. Using popular keywords from the right trending topics, you can help to get your content noticed. Tag posts with #trends that are relevant to your content whilst also including #keywords which are typically used for search.

Talk To The SEO Experts About Your Social Presence

Shareable, engaging and relevant are three words that we all want associated with our content. To help ensure that your content ticks all these boxes, talk to the SEO experts at SEO Junkies. As part of our comprehensive SEO campaigns, we can advise on the best target keywords for your brand, ensuring that your copy is optimised to SEO standard.

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