Google Analytics

Why Use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool created by Google which enables you to track all of the traffic coming to your website and where it's coming from. If used properly it can provide a lot of useful data, which when interpreted correctly, can be a great help with search engine optimization and internet marketing as a whole.

The basic statistics that Google Analytics will give you include exactly where your traffic is coming from, geographical location and which keywords/ search engines/ refferring sites showing how the users found the site, bounce rate (the percentage of people clicking through and then going straight back out), most viewed content and much more. Although it is quick and easy to get all of this data sometimes it's worth spending a bit longer to add some extra coding on the website to get even more data.

Google Analytics Add-on's

• Goals

Setting up goals allows you to easily track users who reach certain pages on the site and see why they might not have reached that page. When setting it up you would specify which pages a user would come accross before reaching the end goal, and therefore Google is able to tell you where abouts users left this funnel helping you to find where the problems are/ why people don't reach the end goal. This is used a lot on brochureware websites on enquiries or regsitrations.

• Ecommerce Tracking

This will track all of the transactions that are processed on the website, including products and order numbers if it is linked up well, it can be very helpful to see which keywords or traffic sources are driving the conversions. A great help is also to see whether users purchase product they were originally searching for or if they ended up buying something else.

• Internal Search

You can see which pages users come from when going to the search page, what they were searching for and which result they clicked on. You could use this information to add more pages of more favourable topics.

• Adwords

Link up your Analytics account with your Adwords account to see exactly the proportion of traffic coming from the natural listings in comparision to the paid links. This part of the report will also show you the difference between each set of keywords and which are more popular in the organic listings which can give you more to work with.

• Benchmarking

While in the report you can specify your industry and the size of your business and then Google will show you a benchmark as to how your traffic compares to others of similar type. This information won't be completely accurate as it is averaged out over a huge number fo websites so don't worry about it too much but it's definately a good indicator to give you some kind of idea of what you should reaching.

For more information and tips on Google Analytics please contact our SEO specialists now who will be able to give you the advice to get the most out of your tracking.