What Does Google Really See?

Google Bot Reader

When Google bots crawl your website they don’t see the same information that we see as users, they see a completely different webpage filled with coding, and rather than concentrating on the colour and design of a webpage they are looking at the keywords and content. Search engine spiders are the ‘Gods’ of search engine marketing and all us optimisers are bowing down to their algorithms. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look through the spider’s eyes otherwise you will never know if your optimising efforts are being noticed.

Our free SEO toolbar allows you to do exactly this, it gives you the ability to take off the irrelevant information from your website so that you can see the core details that the Google bot is really looking for. All of the work you put into search engine optimisation can be completely irrelevant if you don’t know what you’re trying to target and the best way to do this is to find out exactly which information Google is looking for so you can give it what it wants.

All of the keywords that we keep talking about are essential to SEO and probably the very first thing that the Google bot will look for on your website so you can use this toolbar to find out which keywords Google will see. Once you have downloaded the SEO toolbar, click on the ‘headers’ button and all of the headers will be highlighted in orange to you, the darker the orange, the more important that text is. These headers tell the search engines the topic of that page, so if you don’t have headers at all or they’re on your contact numbers or something equally as irrelevant to Google then it’s not surprising that you’re not getting very good results for that page. These headers need to tell Google what your content is about and which keywords to rank you for.

There’s only one way to find what other key factors you’re missing, download our completely free SEO toolbar and find out what Google really sees when crawling your website!