Link Building Methods

Link building is a very important part of SEO and can dramatically improve your rankings results on search engines like Google when good, high PageRank links are obtained quickly. There are several different ways to obtain backlinks, each giving different advantages as explained below;

Directory Submissions

Online directories are great places to obtain one-way links from as they also help to spread your company across the internet and for users to find as well as just giving you links. Many directories have good PageRank and good categorisation so that your link can be themed to other relevant links, which is another plus when working on off page optimisation. Some directories are free, although you will find that directories with higher PR have fees or require a reciprocal link.

Banner Advertising

Purchasing a banner for your website is a great way to advertise the business as you can include a design that matches your corporate brand, therefore being an effective way to draw users in. Banners can also create a lot of backlinks all at once, although stopping the banner will cause you to lose all links and therefore can be expensive.

Natural Links

Creating good content on your website will encourage other websites to link to you without having to spend time finding links. Links to your content will come naturally and generate quickly once a rapport has been built up and users visit your website often. It can sometimes be slower to get this started off but natural links are preferred by the search engines.

There are many other ways to build up the links pointing to your website, these are just some examples, other methods such as article submissions and press releases can be very effective. Here at SEO Junkies we offer link building campaigns where we go out and find you high PageRank, themed one-way links to quickly boost your SEO work at a low cost, which is extremely worthwhile for your optimisation campaign in the long term.