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Free SEO Toolbar (Internet Explorer)

Optimising web page content can be a tedious task. However, with the SEO Junkies Toolbar your on-page optimisation is about to get a whole lot easier! Despite the fact we are giving this incredibly useful SEO tool away for free it should also be noted that this is the same SEO tool we use ourselves to gain page one rankings in the search engines.

Free SEO Toolbar

SEO Toolbar in action

On Page SEO Toolbar Functionality

There are currently several invaluable functions you can use within the toolbar to help you see exactly what Google sees:


Want to see what the search engine spiders/bots see? Simply use this function to remove or re-apply CSS to the current on-page markup.


Showing or hiding images on the current page allows you to look at the underlying textual content of the HTML page without visual elements to distract you.


Flash controls and other embedded objects aren't SEO friendly but when analysing your site the toolbar makes life easier by giving you the ability to remove them from the current page.


If you want to quickly toggle forms on or off this handy little function will do the trick.


Of immense importance to a page the heading text speaks volumes to a search engine about the subject matter of your content. Use this feature to highlight H1, H2 and H3 headings.


Check to see where your PageRank is being channelled within your links; orange for current page, green for internal links and red for external links.

No Follow

Are you giving away PageRank? Check for the presence of the NoFollow attribute within a page.

Other Features

View source code, meta information, dependencies, validate coding standards and links.

Note: SEO Toolbar is only intended for use with Internet Explorer. We shall be releasing it as an add-in for Firefox shortly

Download SEO Toolbar

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