Google Optimisation

Google is the world’s number 1 search engine and has become one of the biggest brands in the world over the last 10 years. Their sheer dominance in the internet market is clear for all to see with hundreds of millions of people using the search engine every day to find the solution to their particular problem. Google are always looking to develop their search engine either through additional features to their search engine, with the Google Adwords service, as well as expanding into other markets such as mobile phone operating systems and mobile technology.

With such a presence on the internet, Google is definitely the search engine to focus on in terms of search engine optimisation. As they are the biggest and the busiest search engine around, the popularity and brand awareness means that being Google optimised is very important.

Have a Relevant Website

One factor that Google does like from a web site is relevancy. Google’s algorithms look for a well optimised website that is both built well and has content that relates to the subject the site focuses on. Using words in the content of the site that relate to the meta description, title tags and keywords will help give this relevancy to the site. This relevancy is important to Google as it hopes to bring the most relevant sites for the users search terms.

Authority Brings Results

Along with relevancy, Google opimisation also likes websites with authority and have a mature domain age. Being viewed by Google as having a well established website that is trusted is brilliant for SEO as well as having many inbound links from other Google trusted websites. All of these factors can bring authority to the site, which is looked on very kindly by Google. The more authority your site has, the kinder Google view it and this can bring some really good search rankings for some of your relevant keyword phrases.

The Biggest But Not The Only Search Engine

Although making your site Google optimised is important, it is definitely not the only search engine to think about. Many of the other major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Ask have their own methods and algorithms to find the most appropriate sites for the search term used. Although these search engines may not have the search volume that Google has, the other major search engines still have millions of potential customers search on their sites every day that could be in need of your company’s product or service.