Google PageRank and SEO

What is Google PageRank?

Google PageRank is Google’s way of rating your website and each individual webpage. If you have the Google toolbar you’ll see there is a small PageRank icon which will display the rating that Google has given to that page. This is a rating between 0-10, with only one website ever receiving PR 10 which is of course Google has many helpful tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster tools and it helps with SEO to make the most of them, especially as they are free there is no reason not to.

Technically Google PageRank is between 0 and infinity but this narrowed down for the purposes of the toolbar to display the rating to internet users. Calculating PageRank is difficult and no one really knows exactly how it works apart from Google themselves, although our top optimisers have got quite far in their calculations which is explained in our hardcore SEO training course.

What affects Google PR?

The rating is based on relevancy and importance of a webpage, and can be largely affected by inlinks as well as on page optimisation factors. Websites with high PageRank have a lot of authority, created by regularly updated content, backlinks etc, for example the BBC website or Facebook. If you have good on-page SEO with relevant themes and content then you are likely to receive some PageRank which can then be increased by obtaining inbound links.

How does Google PR affect SEO?

Websites with high PR are likely to reach high rankings on search engine results pages, therefore helping to increase your PR is helping to improve your SEO results. When obtaining links, links with PR are worth much more. Each point of Google PR counts as a vote so if you’ve got a backlink with PR5 then that’s worth 5 votes and is more valuable than a PR1 link. Although it’s not the only factor affecting your rankings, it can make a huge difference.

At SEOJunkies we work on both your on page optimisation and off page to help increase your Google PageRank and improve SEO results. We include high PR, themed links as part of our SEO projects as we know how important it is to optimise for Google.