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Search Engine Optimisation Tips

It's a daunting task trying to find the right SEO agency that will deliver the search engine optimisation results that you are aiming for first time. With 1000's of online marketing suppliers out there on the internet claiming they can deliver the ranking results that you crave how do you protect your investment by choosing the right search marketing company? At SEO Junkies we have devised an informative set of search engine optimisation guidelines to help you solve that pain of finding the best SEO agency first time. - click on more to read on.

Best SEO Agency

It's all about proven search ranking results - it's as simple as that. If the search engine optimisation agency can not supply you with internet ranking results then you should start to question their SEO capabilities. Any genuine search marketing company will not have a problem naming clients that they have successfully helped and more importantly showing you the SEO results that they have achieved. Don't forget to ask for Search Engine Optimisation results across the three major search engines and the timeframes to achieve these ranking results

Search Engine Optimisation Ranking Results

Beware of any SEO supplier who claim they can guarantee you page one rankings on Google. No search engine optimisation company can claim this - even Google state this themselves on their website. You want to choose a Search Engine Optimisation company who are realistic on what they can achieve with your keywords and in what timeframes.

On Page Optimisation

Make sure that you will be getting full on page optimisation from your search engine optimization agency. It is so essential that your website is structured correctly with headers, keywords and LSI terms so that the theme of each webpage, and the website as a whole, is made clear to the search engine. Any decent SEO company will spend time to optimise each page individually so that it will rank well for it's own relevant keywords.

Off Page Optimisation

Off page optimisation revolves around backlinks, whether this is one way backlinks from directories, articles or press releases. To get a good amount of backlinks these days, a full search engine optimisation project needs to include an online PR package so that content is created and syndicated out on your behalf. You need a search engine optimiser that knows how to write the appropriate content and where to send it to get those backlinks. You can work on other SEO factors as much as you want but without these backlinks you won't reach those page 1 results.

SEO Training Courses

Making the decision of going on a SEO training course is the most cost effective way of applying SEO techniques to your website. The reason being you have the added benefit of gaining a wealth of knowledge from experienced search engine optimisers. A SEO training course which has a small number of delegates and is conducted in a more consultative manner (analysing your own website from an online marketing perspective) is an even more compelling reason to choose to go on a SEO training course

Search Engine Marketing

Find a UK company that not only knows the ins and outs of SEO but everything search marketing related. To do well in the online industry these days you need to be involved in every area, simple search engine optimisation is not enough on it's own. Look at social media optimisation and other internet marketing strategies as well so your website gains more online presence, which will help improve your Search Engine Optimisation project in turn anyway.

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