Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Rankings

What are Search Engines?

Search engines are the ‘Gods’ that we all pray down to in search engine marketing world, we have to obey their orders and watch their every move constantly to keep up. We spend all of our time optimising websites for search engines, or using them to find other information.

Who are the important Search Engines?

Google is definitely the biggest search engine by far and the one that we all want to like us, or our websites in this case. Search engines (SE's) and Google are such an integral part of the internet that absolutely every knows what ‘Google it’ means, the name of the search engine is now an action within the dictionary is that popular.

There are 3 main search engines leading lead in search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are thousands of other smaller search engines but when it comes to SEO we only concentrate on the big ones to get you the most traffic. Baidu and AOL are also quite large in certain areas but on a Worldwide scale don’t quite reach the heights of our 3 main competitors, 2 of which trail an extremely long way behind Google. To give you some idea of how large the competition is between the search engines, at the moment Google holds about 90% of the market share, with Yahoo in second place at 5% and Bing at 3%.

How do Search Engines rank my site?

If we’re looking at the whole search engine marketing area then you will want your website to rank high in both the natural listings as well as the paid results generated by sponsored adverts called PPC.

If you’re looking into SEO, search engines have spiders or bots that crawl the website code and every single webpage that they can find within the code to then work out how worthy it is of good rankings, your website will be ranked highly if it is seen as an authority to the search engines.

Search engine spiders only see the raw code from the website, not design, images or styles and during optimisation it’s important to remember that so that you make the code as easy to read as possible for the SE’s. W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is a HTML code compliancy check that can be run on individual web pages to check if the code there meets the internet standards set to see how easy it will be for search engines to read that page. Have a look to see what search engines really see when they look at your website by downloading our free SEO toolbar.

How do I get my website to rank well?

As a dedicated team of SEO specialists we are a search engine optimisation company with proven techniques to help websites rank well on search engine result pages. There are some search engine optimisation tips given around our website that can you give an idea of the type of work that we would carry out on your website but they all come from two main points; on page optimisation factors like code and copy, and then off page optimisation which is focused around backlinks.

Search marketing can be a long process especially when working on SEO and so you need a trusted SEO company to be working hard on your campaign to reach the high results you need for increased traffic levels.