SEO Tips

SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Search engine optimisation is a complex internet marketing strategy with many elements to it. Although it is quite a long term strategy, if done properly and done well with results are obvious. Below are just a few SEO tips to achieving a well optimised site.

Article Writing Tips

Writing articles can also be a wonderful way of reaching people who you would not have normally thought have targeting. Well written articles about information relating to your industry can show your company as knowledgeable and generate admiration from others who enjoy your articles. It will also bring some valuable links to your site.

A Well Built Site

Your site has to be built properly with good quality code in line with W3C compliancy to give your site the best possible chance of climbing the search rankings.

Blog Writing Tips

Creating useful information and advice on a regular basis increases the amount of content on the site as well as generate more relevant information about your services.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service, which a great way of keeping track of what is happening on your site from conversion rates and traffic sources to the site usage and the amount of visitors. By setting goals for your site you can try and push certain areas of the site to increase the SEO statistics.

Google Webmaster Tools

Hook up your sitemap direct with Google to help the website be crawled more frequently and quicker. Webmaster tools will also show you any crawl errors within the site relating to URL's or duplicate meta data.


Use headers wisely on the website to show search engines important topics listed throughout each page. Use a mixture of header 1's, header 2's and header 3's within the code to display theme's and point out important keywords in the content to search engines.

Keyword Research Tips

Even if you have a large or small internet marketing budget, finding the right keywords to focus on is key as it can help form the backbone of your SEO campaign. Keywords brings relevancy to the content whilst also focusing your content on what your potential clients are looking for.

Meta data Tips

Use meta data carefully to describe the website to users and make the meta description compelling to draw people into clicking on your link on search engines. Also remember that keywords that match the search query show as bold on the SERP's which can help to attract users.

Online Press Releases

Creating online press releases and then submitting them to article directories is a great way of getting backlinks to your site as well alerting potential customers to any latest news that maybe happening to your company. Latest promotions, website features, marketing campaigns and changes to your services can be written about and read by others who in turn may visit your site for further information.

Quality Content

Creating quality content for your site that is relevant to your products and services is key as this will show that you know what your company is talking about. Quality content will also keep visitors interested and may even bring return visitors, we offer copy writing services as part of our SEO projects if you need help writing information on your website.

SEO-friendly URLs

By building your site with SEO-friendly urls using keywords can also be a great way of search engines finding the relevant page for the search.

Site Maps

Search engines need a helping hand when crawling your site and a sitemap and xml sitemap can really help spiders find all the important pages on your site. The user sitemap can also help your visitors find the page they are looking for as well.

Social media marketing Tips

Social media marketing is a wonderful way of generating more traffic to your site as it exposes a large amount of potential customers to your website and your services. It is a very cheap form of marketing as it is free to sign up to many of the major social media sites and it can reach out to users who you would not normally target. social media marketing posts are instant and can act as a great way of alerting users to other marketing campaigns or events that you may be doing.

Page Titles Tips

Use the page titles to define the theme of each individual page, using hyphens, comma's or pipes can help to make the titles more SEO friendly and separate out different key terms.

For more SEO tips and information on how to optimise your website yourself, take a look at our SEO training courses.