Coding standards for SEO

About Coding Standards

Ensuring that your website meets internet coding standards helps to make your website more SEO friendly and you will find that all good SEO agencies will advise you to do so. By having clean coding on the website, search engines will find it easier to crawl the site without missing out huge chunks which could be essential to reach good rankings.

W3C Coding Compliancy

At SEO Junkies we will always fix any W3C errors found on our client websites so that coding errors cannot prevent Google ranking your site accurately. If there are errors within the coding then the search engine will skip those parts of the code, which could contain parts of your content or other vital information. By ensuring that the website meets coding compliances we know that Google has the best possible chance of reading all of the relevant copy on the site that can help to make your website look authoritive and rank well.

W3C is an online coding standard that all websites should be aware of and adhere to. It was built by Tim Berners-Lee, the created of the World Wide Web originally and he still helps to maintain the standards that are promoted by W3C.

You can use the validator to check for errors and find the source of the errors in order to fix them appropriately. Make sure that your website meets relevant coding standards by checking what language your website was written in and which web development technology your engineers are using.

WAI Accessibility Standards

You should also check to see if your website meets WAI accessibility standards which help internet users with disabilities to read websites. By getting your website to meet WAI Level 1 you are making the website more user friendly which will be noticed by Google and other search engines. It may be one small check box in the grand scheme of pleasing search engines by every step counts when optimising websites.

Our optimisers can help to clean the code on your website and make sure your website is fully optimised for search engines to crawl without problems. We offer straight forward on-page SEO packages for websites simply looking to organise optimisation factors on the front-end of the website. We can also provide full strategic development plans for websites requiring larger SEO campaigns to push their websites to the top of Google, please contact our SEO experts for more information on any of our packages.