White Hat SEO

What is White Hat Search Engine Optimisation?

White Hat SEO is a phrase taken from the traditional Cowboy movies where the guys with the white hats fight against the guys in the black hats, which is exactly what happens in the world of SEO. Cowboys in the white hats are known to be the good guys, so in search engine optimisation we interpret this to mean that white hat agencies are using ethical search engine optimisation techniques and not cheating the search engines.

Certain optimisation techniques can get you penalised and your website will drop in the natural listings, ruining all of your SEO efforts, so at SEO Junkies we stay clear of Black Hat SEO and only ever use techniques proven to be worthwhile.

As an SEO customer, make sure that you check your agency are using white hat search marketing otherwise your website could be in serious trouble, and it can take months or even years to get those positions back. Our SEO specialists not only use white hat methods during optimisation but all of our techniques have been practiced for years and are proven to improve ranking results in the organic search engine listings.

Why take a risk with unethical optimisation when ethical SEO gives you better results? White hat SEO is safe and much more effective long term, therefore saving you money by helping to improve results which won’t disappear from penalties. Search engines are becoming more sceptical and aware of black hat SEO agencies every day, they have crawlers checking for these ‘illegal’ factors constantly and will give out penalties without hesitation. Even if you manage to get a top position using cloaking or some other bad technique, trust us it won’t last long and the consequences won’t be worth it.

White Hat SEO Techniques

Here are just a couple of examples of honest SEO techniques;


Write content that relates to the topic of your website and make it natural. Don’t duplicate the content or write about the same thing over and over, but you can vary the subject of your content as long as it relates to the main themes. For example if Cars if our main theme, then new cars, old cars, black cars, Ford cars etc are all sub categories. Good, relevant and natural content on your website will help your website become authoritive, also your optimisers should make amendments to the content to ensure it gives you the desired effect with keywords and backing up the theme structure.

Link Building

Good content will attract links naturally so there’s one more reason to keep writing new pages. If you are looking to increase the number of backlinks pointing to the website yourself then you will need to make sure you are using white hat link building techniques, and not getting links from bad, spamming neighbourhoods. Directory, article and press release submissions are usually fine but be wary of any websites requesting money for your link. It’s best to leave link building to your SEO agency as they will know which sites are good and bad.

If you’re still unsure on search engine marketing techniques or worried what your agency might be up to, speak to our SEO specialists to find out how we can help you and give you a risk-free SEO service.