SEO Case Study: Capita IB Solutions

Capita IB Solutions came to SEO Junkies with a request...

“SEO Junkies, we’d like to Improve organic traffic to the site through relevant keywords"

SEO Junkies used SEO to do exactly what Capita IB Solutions were looking for.


94.81%* Increase in organic traffic

221.35%* Increase in number of search terms driving organic traffic

Who Is The Customer?

Capita IB Solutions is a company with over 30 years experience creating business financial software for customers in Private and Public Sector roles in the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong and Australia. They have expanded their business solutions range to include procurement, forward planning and document management as well as bespoke designed business software.

What Was the SEO Project Brief?

Despite a good level of Pagerank the Capita IB Solutions website was only appearing in the Google SERPs for two qualified keywords. This indicated a number of possible problems to the team at SEO Junkies: the content of the site was either not using the correct keywords or was so unfocused that the Google index could not establish a high relevance for the website as a whole.

The website was also lacking in backlinks and so it was determined that a well planned campaign to increase the number of backlinks would be needed.

Our SEO Plan…

In discussion with Capita IB Solutions we established a list of keywords that were both qualified and efficient. From this list we could see that only two of these had results that were within the first ten pages of Google. From this investigation we could review the on page content of the website and begin restructuring the pages to provide a far more formalised structure of themes and topics to help the indexers determine the subject of the site.

As this restructuring happened our team of SEO copywriters worked over the text to ensure that keywords, and lexical terms were included and that the targeted keywords appeared in the Metadata for each page.

To increase the level of content on the site a blog module was added that the client would produce text for, with chance for us to review the text and make minor adjustments to increase the relevance of each blog entry.

Finally we engaged upon an aggressive link building campaign to help the crawl rate of the site and to grant it yet more authority.

SEO Results…

Within three months of commencing work we had doubled the number of backlinks going to the website and trebled the number of keywords ranking on Google. The key terms that had already ranked had both moved from the fifth to the second page of the search results and most of the new terms were on page three.

Work continued on the site and today has over eight qualified key phrases ranking between page 1 and page 2 of Google, position 1 rankings on Yahoo and around five times the number of backlinks that used to point to the site. The effect on traffic to Capita IB Solutions' website has been to double the average number of visitors a day.

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*23 Jul 2010 – 18 May 2012 compare with equivalent period prior