SEO Case Study: CS Labels

CS Labels came to SEO Junkies with a request...

“SEO Junkies, we’d like to improve traffic to the site on label related keywords"

SEO Junkies used SEO to do exactly what CS Labels were looking for.


40.25%* Increase in organic traffic

About the SEO Campaign

CS Labels came back to SEO Junkies having first worked with us in 2011. Having had the site built by Store Express, a sister company of SEO Junkies, the foundations for us to work with were all in place. After some preliminary analysis, SEO Junkies targeted keywords that were not only relevant but also drive good volumes of traffic. A combination of quality link building alongside a re-evaluation of the on page factors on CS Labels website have shown significant improvements, as the figures suggest.

*search terms not including “CS Labels” “C S Labels” or “CSLabels” (01/03/2012 – 18/07/2012 compared to 01/02/2011 – 18/07/2011).i>