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SEO Customer Case Studies

Still unsure over the search engine optimisation services we provide? Have a read of some of our case studies that explain our seo services and how we have helped our clients improve their ranking results.

Barefaced Beauty SEO & Web Design -

An award winning brand of pure mineral cosmetics, SEO Junkies worked alongside Advansys to re-design the website in an SEO friendly manner to ensure their SEO results were maintained and improved upon. More Info...

Search Engine Optimisation Client: Rivazge

Find out how SEO Junkies helped Rivazge improve their search engine optimisation results:

One of our newer clients, Rivazge, own an eCommerce website and came to us to help their site get better SEO rankings so that they have a better chance of attaining more sales.

We have only just completed the Post-optimisation report and already they are seeing huge differences in the ranking results.

For example, if you search 'Gold Rings' on you will see Rivazge come on at the top of the third page. You may think that the third page isn't good enough, but if you consider that this is only just after the optimisation changes have been completed and that's out of over 5 million results, you'll realise that's good!

If you prefer to see page 1 results, then try searching 'Wedding Bands' and you will see our client come up in position 6 on the first page!

We also have other clients specialising in rings, and together we have 3 clients in the top 60 results on for 'Engagement Rings' which is really quite a generic search terms bringing back nearly 6 million results.

Obviously each site has varied results depending on many SEO factors so they will not all attain the same results.

These are just examples so that you can see for yourself the results of our work and how it really does pay off!

Search Engine Optimization Client: J E Marlows

Find out how SEO Junkies helped J E Marlows improve their search engine optimisation results:

J E Marlows specialise in selling high quality certified diamonds and jewellery. We have worked in partnership with Marlows for over a year now and they are still seeing the benefits of our SEO services.

When we worked on the Pre-optimisation report last year Marlows only had 5 backlinks and there were only 2 keyword rankings out of a possible 60 results.

Since then the monthly reports continually show improvement. The site is now compliant to all of the coding standards that we check, it has been submitted to many directory listings which is key to building backlinks.

We have added a few keywords to the report which Marlows was ranking for but weren't originally included in the list of keywords. SEO does take time as we all know but it does pay off, for example Marlows are now ranking in the number 1 position for 'Certified Diamonds' on 75% of their chosen keywords have rankings on page 1 on at least one of the search engines we track, this is brilliant and we know it's just going to get better!

If you consider how huge the market is for diamond rings then I think you will agree that Marlows are now doing exceptionally well with such high rankings in a large number of results.

Search Engine Optimisation Client: Gift2Share

Find out how SEO Junkies helped Gift2Share improve their SEO results in month 2:

You may have already read our first case study on Gift2Share but now we think it's time to update you on their progress.

Overall this report has shown improvement. The first notable improvement is the increase of backlinks from 13 to 22. This is a very good increase as it has almost doubled so progress like this is very positive to see.

Regarding the keywords, the main improvement here is the number of the keywords that were ranked last month that have gained better positions. Around 65% of the keywords ranked last month have are now higher over the 5 search engines compared to last month! This is really good to see as it shows the positions are improving by the month. There has been a slight increase in page 1 rankings from 30% of the ranked keywords to 38% of the ranked keywords now on page 1.

Seeing as this is only Month 2 the campaign really is looking great and has evidently shown improvement from last month which is fantastic to see.

Search Engine Optimisation Client: UC Solutions

Find out how SEO Junkies helped UC Solutions improve their search engine optimization results:

UC Solutions or is a client of SEO Junkies, and also our parent company Advansys who designed their website, and are currently on their third month of reporting.

When we did their Pre-Optimisation report those months ago we could see how they were ranking on search engines and their overall SEO situation before we did any optimisation changes. Now, 3 months into the reports we can compare this first report with the most recent to see what differences our changes have made.

In the Pre-Op report, UC Solutions were not compliant to some of the coding standards we recommend, they only had 5 backlinks, 227 average daily traffic hits and only 11% of the possible keyword rankings had a SERP rank. Each of these factors have increased ever since the optimisation changes and now at month 3 they are compliant to all of the coding standards, backlinks have largely increased to 110, the average traffic has gone up to by 40 hits per day. In regards to the keyword rankings, 78% of the possible keyword rankings are now showing results, the number of page 1 rankings have gone by 100% and they now have 13 keywords in the number 1 position!

Obviously different markets and websites are easier to optimise than others and so results vary a lot between our clients, some of clients have even better results than these but surely this is proof enough that SEO Junkies' techniques really do work and that we are specialists in search engine optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation Client: Hiccup Gifts

Find out how SEO Junkies helped Hiccup Gifts improve their search engine optimisation results:

Hiccup Gifts are an eCommerce website which sells gifts for everyone, although they specialise in school bags from brands such as Roxy and Animal.

We have been optimising their site for 6 months now and it's a great opportunity to show you just how well they're doing with their SEO, with help from SEO Junkies.

In the reports we create for our customers, we don't just supply some keyword rankings we also show your traffic, backlinks and site compliancy.

When hiccup first came to us, they had no compliancy ratings, not on any of the 3 codings. They also only had 1 external backlink to their site, and an average traffic rating of 321 hits per day.

Now, 6 months later, their backlinks have gone right up to 94, and we don't believe it will stop there! Their average daily traffic has gone up to 776 hits, which is more than double and it is still increasing every month. Hiccup have passed all of the W3C, WAI and Copywriting and Coding web standards. And finally, the big fish, the keyword rankings - we have doubled the number of page 1 search engine rankings for their chosen keywords. So out of their total keywords, half are page 1 and 45% of these are rankings as number 1!

Good SEO may take some time but SEO Junkies promises to you that it will be worth it in the end.

Search Engine Optimization Client: Gift2Share

Find out how SEO Junkies helped Gift2Share improve their SEO results in month 1:

We are currently in the early stages of this full Search Engine Optimisation campaign for Gift2Share , we have recently generated the report for Month 01 and the improvement in a month since the post-optimisation report was made has been incredible.

The major improvement is the ranking of the keywords. Before the opimisation changes, a mere 6% of the possible ranked keywords over the five search engines we optimise for were being shown! But after just a month, thanks to the work of our specialised SEO developers, 6% has now risen to 35%! Yes, 35% of the possible ranked keywords are showing over the five search engines. Now you may think 35% isn't alot but considering it is just the first month this is a significant improvement! Of the ranked keywords so far just over 30% of these are page 1 results already and out of those page 1 ranked keywords just over 25% of these are position 1!

We are very optimistic that improvement to this campaign should continue over the coming months, and we will update you in the future!

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