SEO Ranking Reports

What are SEO Ranking Reports?

Tracking and monitoring is essential for a successful search engine optimisation campaign and showcasing your SEO results in regular reports provides a great way to look back at your work. SEO Junkies provide high level reports for all of our clients to show monthly results and improvements that have come from our SEO work over the months. This gives our clients an insight into their ranking positions, as well as other essential data tracked for SEO, and how they have changed over the campaign period.

We provide a report at the beginning of the campaign to show you exactly how well your website is ranking before we begin our optimisation work. With this tracking report you can look back and see how your SEO ranking results have improved after optimisation. Each month we aim to improve further on the results gained and to reach the overall aim that would have been agreed with your account manager.

What’s in an SEO ranking report?

Our ranking reports include details on traffic and backlinks as well as the standard keyword ranking details. The end goal of SEO is to improve the amount of traffic coming in to your website and so we monitor this constantly and show you the increase that we have obtained for you over the campaign period.

Backlinks are an essential part of SEO and so we use reliable tools to track the amount of backlinks coming in to the website. We also include the PR of each backlink in the report so you are able to see the quality of links coming in to your website and who is linking to you.

Keyword rankings are shown for all of the major search engines; Google, MSN and Yahoo to give you the full image of where your website is ranking. We will point out to you if any rankings have improved, or even dropped, since your last report as well as notifying you of any number 1 positions, which we know are the most important to you.

We will also include the details of other factors in your SEO ranking report such as indexed pages, W3C compliance and directory submission.

Our experienced optimisation account managers will use your report to judge how well the campaign is doing and what areas of the campaign need further work. Without our SEO tracking and monitoring it is difficult to see what changes are working for your website and which techniques should be used more to improve results for your business.

We are dedicated to improving ranking results for all of our client websites and will ensure to let you know exactly how well your website is doing from our search engine optimisation work. Contact our SEO experts for more information on how we can help you.