SEO Case Study: Yakult

Yakult came to SEO Junkies with a request...

“SEO Junkies, we’d like to Improve organic traffic to the site on non brand related keywords"

SEO Junkies used SEO to do exactly what Yakult were looking for.


100.84%* Increase in organic traffic

About the SEO Campaign

Since the site was well built to be optimised (built by our parent company, Advansys), optimising client content and ensuring the code was well optimised was completed quite quickly. However it was quickly realised by the client that staying on top of the work for SEO, and the intricacies of effective Search Engine Optimisation would be best managed and actioned by SEO junkies. This alteration to the plan moved the job from a weekly consultation to being a full SEO Project that would involve re-evaluating Keywords to ensure maximum conversion rates through the site, creating funnels through the site to expose visitors to the conversion pages at the proper time. SEO Junkies would also manage the content of the site, writing keyword rich pages and posting regular blog entries to increase the amount of content on the site and contribute to the relevance of the website to the targeted phrases. Another important role that SEO Junkies played in the optimisation of the Yakult brochure site was the off page promotion of the site, through the use of Articles, Press releases and Link building activities aimed at increasing the number of backlinks to the website and thus raising the authority of the site.

*on search terms not including ‘yakult’. First half of campaign compared to second half (no analytics before campaign started)