How do you do SEO?

Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising a website to help it gain higher rankings in search engine results pages. As an experienced SEO agency we have proven SEO techniques that we carry out on your website during optimisation.

Proven Search Engine Optimisation Techniques

These proven techniques are split into categories, on page factors and off page optimisation techniques. On page SEO factors can be amended on the website and easily controlled and managed as changes are needed, but off page optimisation is not so easily improved on as you cannot control it first hand, only use certain techniques that are likely to improve the results.

Search engine optimisation takes a lot of time in monitoring and tracking results as you need to be tracking results of changes to know what’s working and what’s not working on your website and then make appropriate further changes.

SEO Project Process

Website Analysis

Our SEO experts will kick off the search engine optimisation project with analysis of the current state of the website, to see current results and aspects of the website that need changing. Also, we will go through the website to review keywords and list search terms that we think should be targeted during the project.

For any marketing that your company actions, every aspect should be fully analysed and tracked, and search engine marketing is no different. Our knowledge and experience in SEO has taught us to keep a record of any changes made and the results that they cause.

Optimisation Process

As soon as we have finished our analysis of the website we can continue with our search engine optimsation process and move on to starting work on back link submissions, article writing and blogs which will help to improve the off page aspects and also increase the online brand of the company.

We will then carry out on page optimisation changes, which include elements of the site such as headers, meta data, code tidy up and structure changes to make the website more SEO friendly. These factors can make an immediate difference in the SEO results as they are pushing the themes and structure of the website out to the search engines by making topics clear.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation Techqniues

SEO is a long term process so we will continue to build up backlinks and copy on the website throughout the project. Our dedicated SEO team will monitor results on a monthly basis and continue to make any further changes that they feel are necessary to help keep the project moving in the right direction.

All of our SEO services and strategic development projects can be customised to suit your website and company, depending on the keywords that you’re targeting, and the size of your budget. Please call our SEO specialists for a quote to optimise your website. SEO processes and techniques are key with regards to whatever you do with your website solution