Populating Your Website

Populating your website is not a quick and simple process and dramatic search engine results will not happen overnight. Making sure your website is fully populated for the search engines means using a combination of different techniques in order for your website to be both visible to the search engines and appeal to the search engines when they crawl the website. To ensure this happens, there are a few basic methods that need to be implemented in order for this to happen.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an initial point of action for any SEO campaign, and if carried out appropriately can help ensure the success of the campaign. By carrying out your keyword research before creating any content you will be able to focus the content on what users will be searching for. What may be of interest to you may not be a very popular in terms of online searches. By finding some good quality keywords and focusing your efforts on efficiently implementing them into the copy will increase your rankings and bring more traffic to the website. This search engine optimisation technique can help get more conversions through the search engines as specific keywords phrases will generate more qualified leads than others. Focusing on more generic keywords will be much more competitive and the conversions on these SEO keywords may be low as a result of their non-specific nature.

Creating Content

Once relevant keywords have been researched and established they can be used to create on page content to help populate your website. As search engines crawl your site they will pick up on the relevant keywords and establish what each pages topic is. If the search engines register new content it will increase the rate at which they crawl your site and increase its recognition of your site being active and significant. Having a large amount of content can be good for allowing search engines to see your relevance, however it is important not to have duplicate content as the search engines will see this spamming, which will affect the search engines rankings as a result. Keyword stuffing will also have a negative effect on your search engine rankings as the search engines spiders are clever at finding websites that put all of the keywords in one place. For more information on copy writing services available please contact the SEO specialists at SEO Junkies.

Inbound Links and Internal Links

One way inbound links can be extremely important for your website as it means that the search engines will crawl through the links thus crawling the website more often. These inbound links from other websites can also help with gaining more authority as related websites with a higher PageRank means that they are leaking PageRank to you, which shows trust. Inbound links from unrelated websites will not harm the website but it may not do anything for the authority status of the website. Internal links within the website also keep the search engine spiders reviewing the website, which means that the pages will be crawled more often. Internal links can also help the usability of a website as the links will help show the search engines what content is related to what pages. For more information on the link building services on offer at SEO Junkies please contact us.

Title Tags and URL Tags

Adding relevancy of each page on the website through title tags and URL tags means that the search engines can clearly understand what the website is offering users. Using a combination of around 3 keyword phrases relating to the page in the title tag will bring this relevancy with the URL tag also adding to this relevancy. Both of these elements will be the parts that will appear in the search engines and are the main parts that the search engines pick up on. This SEO technique can be very useful in populating your website as it is a very easy way to tell the search engine exactly what the content is about.

For more information on how SEO Junkies can use search engine optimisation techniques to populate your website for the search engines, please contact our SEO specialists.