Robots, Relevance and Results

Search engine optimisation has many different methods that seek to improve your search engine rankings either through on page or off page techniques. With many different strategies and theories coming out every week on amazing ways to generate good results, it can be difficult to know which ones to take on board and implement. Sometimes though it is just better to get back to basics and look at the areas of SEO that are basic, which include robots, results and relevance. By concentrating on these methods, you will find that your SEO results will improve, maybe not straight away but in the long term it will be worthwhile.

Relevant Traffic

From time to time you need to remember that high ranking search results are only useful if you generate the conversions that you desire, which means having relevant search results. Without these relevant results you will find that your bounce rate on the website is extremely high as users will find that the solution they went on the search engine to find is not on your website. Making sure that you rank specifically for your main keywords is vital and any other results gained from trying to rank for these results is a bonus.


Making sure that the website is designed in a friendly way for the robots is key as this determines how often your site is crawled and how quickly your pages are indexed. By building up relevant inbound links, creating a spider friendly website getting links from other sources can help with this process. The more the robots come to your site and stay on your site, the quicker your results will improve.


Whatever you want to achieve from SEO, whether it heightened brand exposure, purchases or leads, it is important to set out your goals for the campaign to give everyone a goal to achieve. Certain goals can be set in Google Analytics where conversions can also be tracked as well as viewing the rest of the data. If the search engine optimisation tactics are not brining the results you desire then you may need to rethink your current SEO strategy.

At the end of the day, these aspects need to be considered early on in your SEO campaign in order for you to clearly define whether the campaign is working well or not. To find out more about how SEOJunkies can generate relevant traffic to your website using a variety of different SEO strategies, please contact our SEO specialists.