SEO Tips for a Redesign

If you’re redesigning your website, making enhancements or changing the domain name you need to consider the SEO project before you make any changes live on the website. Re-launching your website can have good or bad effects on SEO depending on how the work is done, follow our simple SEO tips below to ensure you receive the wanted improvements to your rankings and ranking results don’t drop with the redesign.

Add 301 redirects on new URL’s

Changing the URL on the website can have a serious influence on the SEO work as keyword results will be specific to each URL, so by changing the URL you may lose the results. Add 301 (permanent) URL redirects on all old URL’s pointing to the new URL’s. This will point the search engine to the correct page. Changing the URL is also dangerous because you will lose the backlinks obtained to your original URL and Google is likely not to trust the new domain.

Check copy for SEO

If you’re website has a lot of copy at the moment, there needs to be the same amount of copy on the new website. If this text disappears then rankings may drop because it will be increasing keyword density and therefore influencing the results from the SEO project.

Check analytics code

Remember to add the Google Analytics tracking code to the new website so that you do not lose data. The code needs to be on every page and should be updated if any changes have been made to the Google account.

Robots.txt file

When uploading from a development site or backup files, the robots.txt file is sometimes forgotten and it’s important that this is checked and updated to enable search engines to crawl all pages. The file should be amended on development area’s so they are not crawled to prevent duplicate errors.

W3C and WAI errors

Make sure that your new website code adheres to both validation and accessibility standards. Don’t create errors that may prevent the search engine from crawling any part of your code as they may miss out essential copy or meta tags for example. By adhering to these worldwide standards you are making your website as easy as possible for SE’s to read.

SEOJunkies can advise you through your website changes and help to make the site SEO friendly, if you’re looking for more information about search engine optimisation please call our SEO experts.