SEO Tools

Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process and the campaign doesn’t just stop at the initial SEO ‘on page’ factors. The ‘on page’ optimisation changes are necessary at the beginning of the campaign but in order to generate long lasting and worthwhile results, you need to monitor the website to see how you can improve upon the current results. There are many different SEO techniques that need to be implemented but some websites can benefit from some techniques more than others. User search trends can also be monitored in order to find a possible gap in the market that the website is not exploiting to its full potential. Below are just a few vital tools that you should use in order to generate the traffic that your company desires.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google offer a range of free to use tools that will monitor the website by providing a lot of very useful data. Google Webmaster Tools displays information about the website such as how many URLs have been indexed, the most popular keywords on the website, the amount of looks going to the site as well as the amount of internal links. The tool can also highlight any errors that may harm the website in regards to the search engines crawling the website such as duplicate meta descriptions and title tags as well as any unreachable links on the site. By fixing these crawling problems it gives the website the best possible chance of climbing the search rankings by keeping the search engines happy.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful and vital tool for the website with data that is key to any search engine optimisation campaign. Google Analytics shows the amount of traffic coming into the website and from which source the users have found the site and what pages the users went to. You can also set goals in the Google Analytics account so you are able to track the conversion rates through the site along with the monetary value of the traffic you receive. The tool also shows the keywords that users are searching for when finding your site, which can be very beneficial when writing new content for the site as well as blog entries.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

The Google Keyword Tool is mainly for the benefit of the Google Adwords customers but you can use it if you have a free Google Adwords account. The keyword tool enables you to type in a specific keyword and Google will generate the local and the global search volume for that keyword. It also generates a list of other keywords related to this phrase and shows the statistics for them as well. Although the data cannot be deemed as 100% accurate, it can give a good idea of how competitive each keyword is and may raise some niche keywords that have less competition. This tool is extremely useful especially when you are choosing your keywords at the beginning of the SEO campaign.

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