SEO Tracking and Monitoring

What is SEO tracking?

SEO is about making changes to your website and using different techniques that affect ranking results and therefore continuing to use techniques that give the wanted effects. You must track and monitor SEO changes and techniques that you are using to make sure that they are working as planned in case that they have the wrong effect and you need to un-do your work.

Our SEO optimisers record when changes are made and the results that come from making those changes so that we can then make sure that each technique used is working for that website and keeping note of techniques that don’t work for the website in question. Every website is different so techniques need to be specific to each individual site, even though the basic points of search engine optimisation tend to stay the same.

Is monitoring my SEO work important?

Without tracking your work you won’t know which techniques are working for your site and your results may slip without you knowing how to revert these changes. On the other hand a change you make may have great effects on your rankings and you need to know exactly what it was that created this positive impact in order to apply it elsewhere.

There are hundreds of different search engine optimisation techniques that can be applied to a website and during a project you may use several techniques at once, doing this can make it difficult to track where results are coming from. To manage your campaign easily you should stagger changes on the website so it’s simple to see where the results come from and therefore be able to make the next set of changes.

What part of my SEO project should I be monitoring?

You should try to track every single part of your SEO campaign. Other than just results ensure that you’re noting down when any changes were made and what they were. Also track how many links the website has so you can monitor the increase, as well as crawl errors when they were fixed and when articles were syndicated out etc. Keeping a note of everything may be tedious but it will be worthwhile, when you come across a problem you need to be able to fix it.

For more information on our SEO projects and how to do search engine optimisation effectively please contact one of our SEO specialists.