Speed and SEO

Slow loading websites and delays in loading web pages can seriously affect your SEO results, and PPC results for that fact, and can decrease your conversion rates. Nobody likes to wait while webpages load and these days you have very little time to make an impression on users. If your website takes more than a second longer than it should to load then users will get bored and close the page. Search engines will also notice if your site takes a while to load and reduce their opinion of you resulting in low ranking results. Search engines want to give users what they want and slow webpages are not what users want.

In the current times immediacy is almost a right, not a luxury, and with the masses of competing websites out there people have no need to sit and wait. Good speed means good customer service levels and a better user experience.

Google, Speed and SEO

Google appreciates websites that have fast loading speeds, an official Google blog in June 09 states;

“At Google, we focus constantly on speed; we believe that making our websites load and display faster improves the user’s experience and helps them become more productive.”

This comment is straight from the horse’s mouth- if you want to do well on Google you need a quick website. Google research shows that a 0.5 second delay in webpage load speed can cause a 20% decrease in traffic. Although speed isn’t the be all and end all for SEO you should now see that it’s a huge check in the box.

As well as keeping new visitors from leaving the site, speedy sites also help to bring back customers and websites with high returning customer statistics rank well on Google.

Google bots can be affected by page load time directly also, if a page takes too long then it will not be indexed. This means the content of the page cannot be beneficial for your ranking results but Google may drop your site’s rankings for being unable to crawl the page.

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