Multilingual SEO

Ensuring that your brand identity and your business are recognisable to an international or a non-English speaking audience can be extremely difficult, particularly if you yourself are not multilingual. However, more than three quarters of the world population don’t speak English as their first-language, which is a huge percentage of your possible audience to ignore, simply because you don’t speak the same language.

Here at SEO Junkies, we have extensive experience when it comes to encouraging online business growth on a global scale. We have performed search engine optimisation in multiple languages to help businesses grow in popularity all over the world and build a community that is unhampered by nationality and language.

Why Do I Need Multilingual SEO?

Already, non-English speaking countries dominate the internet. There are more than ten times the amount of internet users in China as there are in the UK and India is one of the fasted growing countries when it comes to internet usage, up 14% from last year alone!

Besides the United States, the UK is the only mainly English-speaking country to feature in the top ten countries that use the internet the most. Of course, as if that wasn’t enough, different companies prefer different search engines. Whilst Google might be the be all and end all of search engines in the UK and the United States, in South Korea an engine named Naver is the most popular; in Russia, it is Yandex and in the Czech Republic it is (supposedly) Seznam.

Optimising for different languages, different cultures and different search engines is practically impossible for an internal marketing team. However, it isn’t impossible for the UK’s leading search engine marketing agency.

SEM In Any Language

Making sure that you translate your website is the first thing to consider when it comes to multilingual SEO. Here at SEO Junkies, we can help you to translate your website with the help of industry-leading software and our specialist linguistic optimisers.

Keywords are as important in global optimisation as they are in national optimisation, and we take the time to ensure that they, along with every other piece of content that we create, has been correctly translated and altered where necessary.

When it comes to SEM in another country, having an understanding of the culture is the key to making it a success. There have been some embarrassing advertising mistakes made by some big-name companies in the past by failing to understand the target culture.

If the content we have created for one nationality or language is unsuitable for translation, then we will create entirely new content to appeal to the target audience of the new country.

Global Search Engine Optimisation

However, you need to be aware that there is far more to global optimisation than the simple translation of a website into another language or languages. You need to be able to actively optimise your website itself for each country that you are targeting from a cultural perspective. In the same way that our services will target for optimisation in Britain, we need to ensure that your site is localised for the area. This can include the alteration of your website’s layout, navigation capabilities or even design, as different colours can mean different things in different cultures.

Search engine crawlers, like Google’s Spiders, don’t require different things based on the location of the business, but other search engine will. Many countries attain high SEO rankings in multiple languages, rather than just one. Here at SEO Junkies, we can work with you to achieve these rankings, with our proven optimisation techniques for businesses who desire to appeal to a global audience.

If you’re looking for more information on whether multilingual SEO is the right choice for you, feel free to get in touch with our dedicated team today on 0845 373 0595.