Pay Per Click Services From The Experts

Here at SEO Junkies, we have a team of experienced and dedicated PPC optimisation experts who are able to offer you an all-encompassing range of search engine marketing services, including highly-specialised pay per click services which can result in a dramatic and instantaneous increase in the amount of traffic which arrives at your site.

Our pay-per-click (PPC) services are able to offer a wide range of advantages to your business as a whole, but in particular they can greatly increase the profitability of your online retail platforms.

The Advantages Of PPC Services

  • Speed-To-Market – Unlike natural, organic search engine optimisation efforts, PPC adverts can be launched extremely quickly, which can bring both targeted traffic and qualified leads to your website.

  • Reach – Additional traffic can be sent to your website, expanding your online visibility and helping you to establish your company as a leader in your industry.

  • Highly-Targeted Website Traffic – Assigning different advert copies for specific keywords and target demographics can dramatically increase the quality of website traffic. PPC ads can be scheduled to run during the best sales period and in specific geographic regions.

  • Testing Capabilities – PPC is a great way to provide low-risk testing for keywords, and allows you to evaluate the worthiness of a full-site optimisation campaign. It can also be a great way to test your landing pages, or undertake wide A/B testing. This can allow you to direct traffic to any one of your website’s different changes, in order to discover which pages convert at the highest rates.

  • Maximise Your ROI – As you are only required to pay for PPC when an ad has been consumed by your audience, it can be an effective means of marketing when it comes to the management of cost, the tracking of conversion and the determination of your overall return on investment. PPC also offers you the opportunity to set your own budget, which means that it is perfect for small or start-up businesses looking to build their reputation through the exciting opportunities of the internet.

    Cost-per-conversion can be particularly valuable when it comes to comparing your PPC campaign ROI against other marketing tactics, particularly due to the accuracy of the reporting data and the extensive options for the tracking of your campaign.


If, like most online business, you see the advantages of search engine optimisation as the way to go, you need to be aware that PPC strategies can greatly improve the efficiency of your SEO efforts, and can be a major source of customer engagement whilst you are using white hat optimisation techniques to move up the search engine results pages.

Utilising both marketing methods together can greatly increase your brand’s reputation as an authority on relevant subjects, along with dramatically increasing the likelihood that your website will be the retail platform that your customer decides to make their purchase with.

PPC Training

Pay-per-click marketing is rarely an online marketing component that someone simply ‘picks up as they go along’. Without any experience, guidance or professional PPC services during the campaign, it is extremely unlikely that the advertising avenue will have the desired effect for your business.

So, if you aren’t convinced that a team of dedicated PPC experts are the way forward, and you’d rather keep all of your marketing efforts in-house, get in touch with our professional team here at SEO Junkies today. Our PPC training courses offer a comprehensive look at the basics of PPC and can help you to create and manage effective PPC campaigns of your very own.

A Diverse Range Of PPC Services, From The Expert Team At SEO Junkies

If you’re looking to truly improve your online business through proven PPC advertising strategies, then get in touch with the friendly and specialised team of pay per click experts at SEO Junkies. Whether you’re looking for complete PPC services or basic to in-depth training, you need to look no further than SEO Junkies diverse range of services.

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