Professional SEM Training Courses

Here at SEO Junkies, we offer a range of SEM training courses which are designed to educate developers, managers and copywriters as to the very best practices and strategies to employ when it comes to online marketing. In fact, we are proud to say that our courses are essential for anyone who is interested in learning up to date and effective online marketing strategies.

As part of our own online advertising services, we only use the most ethical, white hat techniques, and our specialists make certain that they only teach the same.

We understand why you’d want to choose search engine marketing training courses over professional services, particularly if you are a small or start-up business, or you’re looking to make your name through freelance copywriting services. There are advantages to making certain that your business’ marketing team are kept in-house, but this can often cost much more in the long term than effective SEM strategies from our dedicated team, including SEO, PPC, Social Media and conversion rate optimisation.

SEO Training Courses, From Industry Professionals

As you’ll probably know, search engine optimisation is our main passion. We make sure that we are constantly on the cutting edge of the latest optimisation techniques and we regularly employ innovative practices to ensure that our clients gain witness the real time effects of our efforts. With that in mind, who better to train you or your team in the best online marketing strategies?

Of course, we do offer company-wide training, but our dedicated SEO course has a limit of five delegates. This is part of our commitment to ensure that every trainee leaves our course with an effective and working understanding of search engine optimisation and can truly start o make a difference with regards to the content that they produce for the site.

Even if the trainees are not necessarily going to be producing the content themselves, understanding the principles of SEO as a team can greatly improve the efficiency and lead to much more positive results, as every person involved in your business’ online presence will understand what changes are being made, and why they are necessary to improve the platform’s ranking in search engine results pages.

Pay-Per-Click Training Course

Unfortunately for most business professionals, PPC isn’t really something that can be learned without advice, guidance or explanation. If you don’t have the necessary experience, pay-per-click marketing can be a dangerous and costly area which might only offer very limited returns on your investment.

At SEO Junkies, we understand how PPC can be used to effectively increase your business’ reach and reputation over the internet, along with its online profitability. By keeping your cost-per-clicks low, and creating optimised and persuasive PPC content, you’ll be able to enjoy the full advantages that pay-per-click advertising has to offer.

Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics are one of the most valuable tools in the hand of a business who understands how to effectively read and react to them. These analytics will provide you with completely accurate statistics on visitor numbers along with detailed reports on where traffic is actually coming from and allow you to evaluate your marketing efforts.

Our Google Analytics will provide you with all the skills you need to effectively interpret these results, find quick wins, and understand visitor behaviour, as well as work to sell more of your products and services online.

Social Media Management

The explosion in the popularity of social media over the past few years has made it one of the most essential tools for the modern business. Online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google + provide huge potential for business opportunities and customer engagement. Through effective social media campaign management, you will be able to build and solidify your brand identity as well as encouraging a greater sense of brand loyalty amongst your customers.

Social media is also fantastic for building avenues through which you can engage with your customers on a personal level, and be able to adapt your business to be more in line with your customer’s desires.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

With our conversion rate optimisation training course, you will learn what you need to do to convince your visitors to convert once they have arrived at your site. This can include anything from website redesign, persuasive content creation or landing page optimisation to create a simple, secure and convincing process for traffic to evolve into paying customers.

At SEO Junkies, we tend to approach our CRO in a practical, consultancy manner, in that we discuss and offer advice on topics and issues which are specific to delegates’ businesses.

Our Comprehensive Range Of Search Engine Marketing Training Courses

Our training days are ideal for both managerial, technical and creative employees and individuals, as they offer complete looks at the basics of each form of online marketing. For the very best and most rewarding outcomes, taking one of every digital marketing course is advised. It is important to understand that your entire online marketing strategies are interlinked, and that each aspect will have an effect, either positive or negative, on the others.

Each one of our courses lasts a full day, and takes place at our offices in Wokingham. We can also offer off-site training for large corporate groups, if you are looking to improve your entire team’s digital marketing knowledge.

For more information, or to book your team’s place on one of our advertising courses, get in touch with our dedicated team today on 0845 373 0595 or email us directly at!

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All SEO courses are held at our offices located at Building 4 Millars Brook, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham, (near Reading), Berkshire, RG41 2AD, UK

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