Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools

About social media tools

Social media optimisation is part of the new generation optimisation techniques for promoting brand awareness and in turn hoping to improve SEO rankings. Social media relies on networking websites to interact with customers and increase online visibility for your website. By using social media optimisation tools you can spread your company name further across the internet and reach a wider reach of users. One other benefit of doing this is that if you search your domain or company you will find more results that relate direct to your company, covering more search engine results.

Social media tools are extremely popular and are becoming ever more popular every year. Social bookmarking and networking websites are used by individuals as well as companies to connect with other people all around the World Wide Web and share information.

What are social media tools?

Here are some of the most popular social media websites under their relevant categories, there are hundreds of websites out there that can be used for social media optimisation but those listed below are found more effective. There are different types of social sites that are used for different purposes, please click on the links below to read more.

Social Networking;

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter

Social Bookmarking;, Furl, Digg, Technorati

How to use social media websites?

Use these social media websites to connect with other users and post useful information on the internet that can be read by users all over the world and lead people back to your website looking for more.

As a business you can answer questions from potential customers at their leisure, you are giving people another means to communicate with your business which in turn gives your company higher customer service levels. Make your website user friendly and widely available through these different methods as search engines will see this and appreciate it. By broadening your audience across different online portals you will be seen more by search engines and therefore help to improve your ranking results.

SEO Junkies offer social media services which include copy writing and updates on social media website to promote your website as part of a larger search engine marketing campaign. For more information on how we can help your business reach better SEO rankings, please call our search marketing experts.