SEO and Facebook

What is Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social networking website on the internet. ‘Facebooking’ is carried out by 250 million people all over the world on a daily basis, some people even buy a computer simply to be able to Facebook their friends all day. At the moment the majority of Facebook users are individuals keeping in contact with friends and family, but everyday more business join the networking website to promote their products or services using Facebook and SEO.

How does Facebook come into my SEO campaign?

Social networking is a modern trend in the world of SEO and optimisers are advertising their clients on Facebook to increase their online visibility. By doing this you help to build up the website as an authority and spread the business name right across the internet. SEO and authority are closely linked and when your website has become an authority you know you’ve hit the big time and those top SEO rankings will start flooding in.

Facebook offers the ability to create a fan page for your business and amend applications so you can include whatever features you wish to, for example newsletter sign-ups or even product information. One of the most popular reasons for using for social networking is the links that you can gain from the websites, and Facebook is no different. You can obtain links through to your website from your fan page helping to drive traffic to your website.

Social media optimisation is all about promoting websites on social networking websites like Facebook and this technique is becoming ever more popular with SEO companies. If you are not currently using Facebook optimisation then you are missing out on a large business opportunity of promoting products and increasing online visibility.

Promotion on Facebook

On top of the SEO opportunities that are available with Facebook comes the advertising space. Facebook is free to use, although you can choose to pay to promote the fan page further, but even so it is a very low cost marketing tool. You are able to promote your products and activities to your customers through a medium preferable to many people and available to view in their own time. This helps to make Facebook an effective online marketing device suitable for businesses looking to target all different types of markets.

SEO Junkies have the knowledge and experience to optimise your Facebook page with relevant keywords and update it regularly to help the SEO campaign as well as providing a marketing service for your business. For more information please contact our search engine optimisers and find out all the information you need to know about our SEO strategies.

Facebook RSS Feed

SEO Junkies can create and syndicate a Facebook RSS Feed, which helps alert the Search Engines when new posts are made on Facebook. This shows that your company is actively engaging with your customers through Social Media Marketing, and sends those important social signals to Google, which is beneficial to your overall SEO Campaign and helps drive rankings, drive traffic, and more importantly drive revenue.