SEO Tips For Twitter

Twitter has been around for many years now but over the past year, the popularity of the site in terms of members and publicity has grown by a vast amount. Twitter is a social networking site and micro-blogging service means that the users can ‘follow’ people they know or admire and also be ‘followed’ by others who take an interest in what you have to say. Your Twitter page can be uniquely designed to suit your individual style and brand identity, which is a great feature when trying to expose your business to the masses.

In terms of SEO it can play a factor in getting more traffic to the website. Regular and informative ‘tweets’ about your business can drive traffic to the site as long as you use a compelling headline. Below are just a few pieces of advice when creating a Twitter page for SEO.

Keywords in the Twitter Username

Optimising your Twitter page for SEO purposes means that you need to know the places on the Twitter page where Page Rank can be passed onto your site. Unfortunately the links that you post through your tweets can go to your site but are shortened and Page Rank cannot be exploited. The URL in the ‘More Info’ section though can leak page rank so this should be used to go to your site. Making sure your Twitter page URL is self explanatory about what your business does is another major factor as this is what will appear in the search engines so your company name would probably be the most beneficial.

Use Keywords In Your More Info URL Anyway

In the More Info URL part of the Twitter page can be followed by the search engines, which is a great benefit to the site. This link is truncated at the 18th character so the more of your keyword you can get in the first 18 characters the better.

Tweet Quality Content

Just like any search engine optimisation strategy, quality content is key and this still applies for your Twitter posts. Writing compelling tweets that are only 140 characters long can be quite tricky so offering people some free tips and advice on a particular topic based on your industry is a great way of generating traffic. Twitter can also be used to back up any other marketing campaigns that you may be doing to create more exposure and maximise the impact of the internet marketing campaign.

We believe that by ignoring social media websites such as Twitter is foolish as this can expose your company to a wider audience than your usual marketing campaigns would ever do. To find out more about our social media services along with our other search engine optimisation and internet marketing services, please contact our SEO experts.