Twitter Marketing

What is Twitter? Twitter is one of the largest and fastest growing social networking websites on the internet. Millions of users, made of individuals and businesses, log on to Twitter everyday to post updates and communicate with followers. Twitter marketing is a part of social media optimisation and is used to promote websites online, to help companies obtain new customers and deliver high customer service levels to existing customers.

How can Twitter marketing help me?

By creating a Twitter account for your business you can greatly improve online visibility and brand awareness. Twitter is seen to be an authoritive website to search engines and therefore having an account there will boost your brand online.

There are several points to remember while using Twitter; it’s important to continue working on your Twitter profile throughout your search marketing campaign, and to push other online marketing techniques at the same time. You will gain the most benefits from Twitter by combining it as part of a larger marketing campaign, and when you work on your profile regularly and actively. If you are using Twitter then don’t get carried away with it, keep in mind other aspects of your campaign that need to be worked on.

Many people will setup a Twitter profile and learn how to use it but eventually drift away and forget to continue working on the account. If you’re trying to market your business then you should be pro-active with Twitter and regularly post updates, find new followers and make comments.

On top of brand promotion and internet promotion for your company using social networking websites also means that you’re giving customers or potential customers another means to contact you. Internet shoppers are people looking to buy during their own time and in their own preferred way. If your customers use Twitter themselves, and find you on there then it gives them an easy and simple way to contact you, and as a business you should give customers as many ways to contact you as possible. SEO Junkies now offer Twitter Marketing packages including conversion optimised Twitter designs, featuring high impact contact banners and special offer incentives. By engaging your customers through Social Media Marketing you will give a good impression as a high customer service company.

SEO Junkies are specialists at optimising websites for high ranking results on search engines, we use search marketing strategies including Twitter marketing to promote our client websites.