Twitter Marketing Mistakes

Twitter is one of the largest social networking sites on the internet and definitely the fastest growing website to draw in such a huge amount of traffic. Twitter receives millions of hits every minute and the traffic surge from individual users has also led to Twitter being used by businesses for online advertising and search marketing techniques. Although Twitter and SEO have a strong link and can prove very beneficial for your company, there are several Twitter marketing mistakes to look out for.

Don’t just use Twitter

Social networking websites like Twitter should be used regularly to promote the website and increase online visibility of the company. All of these websites can help towards a search marketing campaign but not on their own, you need to be using Twitter as part of a larger online marketing strategy. Combine Twitter with more marketing techniques to get the most for your business.

Keep your Twitter profile active

Don’t get distracted by only speaking to friends or existing customers on Twitter, try to open up opportunities by following and messaging potential customers to gain more business and help to push the brand further. Twitter marketing isn’t just about submitting updates but also replying to others updates and exploring the different possibilities available.

Continue to market on Twitter

There are so many people that sign up to Twitter but then forget about it or don’t have the effort to continue. As with many SEO techniques, you will only receive a lot of rewards from your Twitter account if you put in a lot of effort. The more work you put in to updating your profile the more powerful a marketing tool it will become. You should also remember to make the most of Twitter and it’s popularity while it’s still the latest trend.

Find the right time to work on your Twitter profile

For those who are huge Twitter fans already it can be difficult to pull yourself away from it and you find yourself constantly using it as a distraction. Teach yourself, however hard it might be, to turn off Twitter and concentrate on your work for a while and then reward yourself by opening it back up and checking out the latest news. Don’t let Twitter take over your whole day and ruin the chance of getting any other work done.

If you don’t have one, setup a Twitter account

The biggest Twitter marketing mistake is to not use Twitter at all. You are missing out on a huge opportunity to spread you company across one of the most popular websites on the internet. If used correctly Twitter can help you to bring in more customers, increase customer service levels and greatly increase brand awareness, so help your website by setting up an account straight away.

If you do not have the time or knowledge how to create and update your Twitter account then contact our search marketing experts who can guide you through the process.