Twitter Tools for SEO

The power of Twitter cannot be underestimated with millions logging on every day looking at what other people and organisations have to say at that moment in time. Of course not all of the information will be relevant to every user every time but if a user enjoys what you have to say then they will look further into what else that user does. With so many organisations fighting for your attention, many Twitter users get turned off so writing compelling headlines is a must. You also need to know what is working and what isn’t and just with tools used with search engine optimisation on your website, there are tools that can be used to monitor how effective your campaign is. Each tool aims to improve your Twitter SEO to make it a very worthwhile marketing tool.


The TweetBeep tool allows you to save keywords and keyword phrases and then monitors other Twitter conversations that mention your keywords. TweetBeep will then email you tweets containing your keywords at predetermined times, which means that you can then follow them as they may be interested in your products and services.


With some organisations having thousands of followers it is difficult to keep up with all of them and how often they visit your Twitter page. The TwitterCounter tool provides a chart of your twitter followers and predicts the future volume of your followers based on the average growth and loss over time. This can be a great way of gauging how effective the Tweets are being and whether the campaign is working or not. By sticking with particular subjects each week, you will be able to monitor what people are interested in and go to these followers with products and services to suit them.


TweetStats looks at how often you are tweeting, what interface is used to make these tweets and the time of day these Tweets are posted. TweetStats also looks at who has commented on the tweets and when to give you an idea of who is interested in your company. From this data you can see when members of your staff are posting their tweets and see at what time seems to bring the most traffic.

All of the Twitter tools are designed to monitor how your Twitter campaign is going and give you an idea of how you can exploit the tool further. For more information about these Twitter tools, including how we can use social media marketing to improve your search engine optimisation, contact our SEO specialists.