What Should I Consider When Bing and Yahoo Merge?

The recent announcement that Yahoo are merging with the newly launched MSN search engine Bing is big news in the internet world as it throws up a lot of questions about the market share of search engines. Google’s vast popularity means that any real competition against Google will be looked upon as a good idea, but in terms of search engine optimisation it may bring some other bigger opportunities. Until the merger has fully been implemented then no-one can really fully understand how it will affect the SEO industry but one thing is for sure that SEO companies will have to think more about the new Bing search engine. The full implementation is predicted to take Yahoo up to 24 months behind the regulatory approval, (which itself could take months) so there is a long time to find out how it will work out.

SEO For Bing

Bing has a 15% market share of the search engine market, which means that it is well worth optimising for. Since the recent launch of the Bing search engine from MSN, there have been some noticeable preferences, such as concentration on keyword use in subdomains and root domain names. From Google’s point of view they love exact keyword matches, but Bing prefers keyword placement in the sub or root of the site. These algorithms are bound to change once the search engine has been implemented, but for now this can act as a basic guide between Google and their new rivals.

Bing's Webmaster Tools

Signing up and using Bing's Webmaster Tools may be something to look into now as it may uncover a few aspects of your website that could be improved through a number of SEO techniques. Bing’s Webmaster Tools will be important for conducting better organic SEO campaigns on the Bing search engine and seeing how Google and Bing may view your site differently. At the moment it is not quite as robust a Google’s but Bing's Webmaster Tools is working hard to catch up and hopefully go on to surpass their rivals and will prove valuable for webmasters on all platforms.

Bing Will Get Lots more Data

The increase in the estimated amount search traffic on the website and the merger of Yahoo and the large amount of information they have built up means that Bing will have a lot more data. They may not have as much as Google but Yahoo’s database of profiles, behavioural targeting and their own research means that they will have much more information to play with. This should help improve the search engine and may pave the way for greater advances on the personalization front.

SEO Junkies are already improving search engine results for both Google and Bing but we are constantly monitoring the Bing Yahoo merger to see how our clients can benefit in terms of SEO. For more information about our SEO services, along with our other internet marketing services, please contact our SEO experts.