Search Engine Optimisation Facts

Can you get me to rank #1 in Google?

The truth about search engine optimisation

It is important to realise that no one person or company can guarantee any positions with SEO on any search engines. Ignore companies who make such guarantees as it simply isn't possible to do this and you'll be wasting your time and money.

Search Engine Optimisation relies on both On Page and Off Page factors and it is because of the latter that you simply can't make any promises - they are simply out of anyone's full control. SEO Junkies have a team of SEO specialists who are particularly focused upon Off Page SEO as it is this which has the greatest impact on your rankings. The differentiator between a company claiming to be able to do SEO and a company actually being able to do SEO is the attention to these critical Off Page factors.

Before undertaking a search engine optimisation project SEO Junkies will look at your current website. If we don't believe we can make any difference with your SEO Rankings we will advise you this is the case and not waste your money. Whilst we can't guarantee positions we can certainly improve upon you current sites ranking.

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