How do I choose an SEO company?

Deciding to outsource your SEO is a big step for any business as you are trusting an external agency to bring in traffic and sales to your website. SEO is not something you can control or track easily without knowledge of the industry therefore you are leaving a lot of responsibility with your SEO company. Find a good SEO company to trust with your website by following the following points.

Proven Results

Check proven results from the companies that you’re looking at, every SEO company should have results to show for clients that they have worked on previously. You should also check these ranking results for yourself to see if they are true. If the company only offers results from their own website then it’s likely that they don’t work very hard on client websites, why else wouldn’t they want to show you the results?

Campaign Schedule

Find out exactly what it is that they will be doing during your campaign, get a detailed report or quote that states each stage of the project and what is included. This way you can find out whether they are sticking to their schedule during the project and compare to other companies to find out where you can get more for your money.

Guaranteed Results

Don't trust any company that's offering guaranteed position 1 results for your target keywords. SEO is unpredictable and cannot be directly controlled, only influenced by certain factors, therefore noone is able to guarantee you certain positions.

Professional SEO Company

SEO Junkies have a team of dedicated SEO engineers working constantly to optimise customer websites and help you reach top rankings on search engine results pages. We offer several of our client's results available for you to view to prove that the SEO techniques we use on our websites do really work, we don't offer unrealistic aims but help you to understand the process of search engine optimisation so that you fully understand the timeframes of the campaign.