Search Engine Optimisation: Maximise Visibility

Search Engine Optimisation is Evolving

With over 21 billion website pages out there on the internet fighting to be top position on the search engines how do you effectivly maximise your visiblity?

Gone are the days of internet users typing two simple keywords into a search box and hoping for the best. Online businesses are making waves, by experimenting with searches based on complex sentences (long tail keywords), incorporating mobile search with location data and making sure the results are more useful than just the traditional list of blue links. Online businesses know they need to maximize their visibility. There are many different approaches to achieve this; below are just a couple of innovative search engines out there on the internet that can help you maximise your visibility:

  • Pickclick - the ebay shopping experience. All you need to do is enter your search keywords, min and max price and your zip code and Pickclick returns a list of thumbnail images rather than the standard list of blue links. This ultimately provides an easy and more visual experience for the internet shopper.
  • Zoomii on the other hand uses the Amazon API and presents the search results as book cover thumbnails. This is a 'real' bookstore with Amazon's prices, Amazon's secure payments and Amazon's shipping
  • Viewzi - transform your website search from blah to bling! The aim of Viewzi is to show search results in a more visual manner, for example viewing results from Flickr as a photo thumbnail cloud or viewing results of thumbnails of the actual web pages from Google, Yahoo, Live Search and Ask.

But what about making the search results more relevant to the end user? Find out more about location aware search and personalised search