How long will it take to optimise your website?

Making your website search engine friendly is not a quick fix with the recommended timescale for the full SEO campaign of one year. During the year the campaign will develop depending on the search engine results from month to month. Some websites in certain industries benefit from some SEO techniques more than others. Search engine optimisation looks at both On Page and Off Page factors whilst also monitoring the results via Google Analytics, manually searching and other SEO tools.

On Page Optimisation Changes

The On Page optimisation changes are usually implemented at the beginning of the campaign during the first month. Although the majority of the changes happen in the first week, as the campaign develops the On Page factors may need to change. Factors such as the title tags and meta descriptions may need to be updated to capitalise on certain keywords or relate more to the content of the page. Header tags can also be implemented along with nofollow tags that can help with the prevention of page rank leakage. W3C compliancy errors also need to be cleared as the errors can preclude the search engines from crawling the website properly.

Off Page SEO

Getting backlinks to the website is an aspect of SEO that cannot be overlooked as Google in particular like to see links coming to your website as it shows authority. The greater the authority the website has, the more page rank they will gain which in turn will help in terms of moving up the search engine rankings. Themed links is very important when building the backlinks as similar websites from companies in the same industry will gain more respect from Google. This trust shown by other websites is also best from websites with a higher page rank than your own.

Ongoing SEO

The ongoing parts of SEO are the writing of blogs, articles, press releases and content in order to keep the site being constantly updated. The major search engines love to see websites being loved by adding and changing parts of the website. The blogs and content on the site can help add more keywords to the site as well as adding more internal links. Adding internal links keeps the search engines crawling the website for longer, which can help with the search engine rankings. Submitting articles and press releases to directories can also gain some relevant links to the website.

SEO Junkies monitor the website on a regular basis to ensure that the campaign is on the right tracks. The ongoing SEO contract means that we are able to aggressively target certain keywords over each month to generate the worthwhile search ranking results that our clients desire.

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