Search Engine Optimisation Specialists

Why use a Specialist Search Optimisation Company?

Benefit of Hindsight

Search Engine Optimisation, when performed properly, takes a great deal of time not to mention in depth industry knowledge. By using SEO Junkies you have the benefit of the thousands of man-hours spent looking at what works and more importantly what doesn't work with the major search engines and we implement certain SEO aspects which we know will give you greatest benefit. SEO Junkies are specialists in SEO

Attention Pay-Per-Click Users

If you are a user of pay per click (ppc) advertising you should definitely be looking at search engine optimisation; it's common sense that the cost-per-click will increase in line with awareness and demand for paid advertising. Not only that but PPC suffers from so called "Click Fraud" which is reputed to account for up to 30-40% of all click throughs. With high natural listings you don't need to worry about these factors as there is no cost implication if someone clicks a link to your website. SEO should be viewed as a long term strategy; the sooner you start the process the sooner you will reap the rewards.

SEO: Is it Measurable

Did you think SEO was un-measurable? Think again... SEO Junkies provide metrics! As part of our search engine optimisation projects we monitor the rankings of your site on the major search engines for chosen keyword phrases. This give syou some tangible metrics which you can use to track the ROI on your SEO investment. We are confident that you will see benefit in our work and will want to continue with our search engine optimisation services on an ongoing basis.

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