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Our industry-leading SEO training is perfect for developers, managers and copywriters. In fact, anyone who is interested in learning more about search engine optimisation. Our specialists will provide you with up-to-date strategies to improve your website's online presence. Here at SEO Junkies, we only use respected, white-hat SEO techniques and we only teach these same tactics.

We are passionate about optimisation, and we are constantly abreast of the latest search algorithms and innovative practices to ensure consistently high-performing marketing strategies.

Search engine optimisation is an essential component of an overall online presence, and our SEO consultants will show you where it fits into your entire marketing strategy. Our training program is widely regarded as one of the most useful courses for anyone involved in online marketing, and is essential for understanding the ins and outs of SEO.

Why Do You Need An Expert?

Search engines are the method by which more than 80% of all traffic finds its way onto your website. More than 40% of this traffic goes directly to the very first result on the very first page; ensuring that your website's content is fully optimised for search engines is hugely important when it comes to encouraging a successful online presence.

A higher search engine ranking translates to more traffic visiting your site. Only once the traffic arrives at your site can many aspects of a greater marketing strategy begin to take effect. This can include landing page optimisation or subscription-based marketing.

Our Advanced Training Course looks into complex techniques and strategies to improve your website's performance in Google, Yahoo and Bing results pages, along with every other search engine available.

Personal, Professional Training

Although we do offer company-wide training, our SEM course has a limit of 5 delegates. This is to ensure that every person we train has the time and attention they need to fully get to grips with search engine optimisation strategies. We are extremely proud of our courses, and the way in which we teach it, so ensuring that you come out of it with new, useful information and a positive attitude towards SEO is our driving force.

Our course is split into two parts over the course of a single day:

  • Morning Session - Explores the foundations of SEO and covers basic optimisation concepts.
  • Afternoon Session - A more intense session which addresses specific on and off-page factors and techniques which are able to directly influence your website's ranking. Through the use of delegate websites, we explain how certain techniques might be implemented and the ways in which they will improve a site's overall ranking.

Note - For reasons of confidentiality, we do not publish the entire content of the course. The topics below are a sample of those covered in the two sessions.

If you feel that you could benefit from exploring the following concepts, then our Advanced, professional training course is the one for you!

  • Search Engine Optimisation overview
  • How Google's algorithms have evolved over the past few years, and how they will continue to evolve.
  • SEO concepts and terminology
  • Setting realistic SEO goals
  • How to undertake effective Keyword research
  • Analyse the competitive landscape of your business
  • Optimise all on-page content for search engines
  • Promote your website, and encourage your site's visibility
  • Acquire links and analyse backlinks
  • How to manage search engine strategies and PR leakage
  • All-inclusive, Q&A sessions with references to specific delegate websites

Become Qualified and Sign Up

To take advantage of our unbeatable course, be sure to check our calendar at the top-right of the page. Our Advanced and essential techniques have proven to offer invaluable information for encouraging a business' eCommerce success.

What's Included In Our SEO Course?

  • A copy of our SEO manual
  • Digital files containing all documentation, useful links and resources
  • SEO completion certificate
  • Lunch & refreshments

Duration: The course lasts for 1 day; 10 am - 5 pm

Location: Building 4, Millar's Brook, Molly Millar's Lane, Wokingham (near Reading), Berkshire. RG41 2AD, UK.

Our SEO training course is widely regarded as a necessity for anyone who is new to optimisation. Starting from the very basic components of search engine optimisation, we also include information regarding the advantages of effective social media, intelligent PPC, CRO and unbeatable Google Analytics training.

Contact our specialists directly on 0845 373 0595 or email us at to book your spot on our training courses today!

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All SEO courses are held at our offices located at Building 4 Millars Brook, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham, (near Reading), Berkshire, RG41 2AD, UK

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