Search Engine Optimisation Toolbar

Optimising your website for search engines can be very difficult especially with the mysterious factors involved with SEO, but SEO Junkies have created a toolbar to make your life easier. This toolbar can be downloaded for free and helps you to find out how search engines like Google view your website and ultimately help you to improve your page rankings.

The toolbar will show you on-page features on each and every webpage you wish to view, these features include removing all of the images, styles, objects and forms so that you can see purely the content on the webpage, which is what Google will really be looking at. Content drives search engine optimisation and is how SE’s know what topic your website is about and the services you provide so it’s extremely important to analyse your content thoroughly to get the most out of it. Using the SEO toolbar, you can also highlight the headers within the content, links (both internal and external) and show links with nofollow tags which help to see where the website host doesn’t want the search engine to go. It gives a very detailed picture of the current state of a webpage and you can therefore use this data to see changes that need to be made to the website in order to optimise it fully. The SEO toolbar also contains quick links to see the source code, meta tags and to go straight to W3C validation result for that page.

The main benefit of this tool is the speed and ease there is to see the data, and the factors being shown to you are important, we use this toolbar ourselves when analysing our client websites. There are no forms to fill out, simply go to the website and click download and it will be working on your browser within minutes. SEO Junkies specialise in optimising websites to improve rankings in the natural listings on search engines, we can optimise a website of any size to achieve the page rankings you desire, however big or small we will have a project to suit you.

If you are unsure of any of the terms we’ve discussed then please visit our website for more information, or perhaps consider one of our SEO courses to become an SEO expert yourself.