Google PageRank and SEO

Google PageRank is a rating to show the importance of a webpage that is given by Google. PageRank is shown on the Google toolbar and is updated by Google each time they crawl the website. The rating on the toolbar icon is between 0-10, although the real figure defined by Google could be anything up to infinity and no one really knows their true rating.

As expected, the only website with a PR 10 is Other high authority websites like BBC, Facebook and Wikipedia also have high PageRank but it’s unlikely they’ll ever reach PR10. These websites have high PR because they are regularly updated with new content, have a lot of constant incoming traffic and other main SEO factors such as incoming links.

Google PageRank is based on relevancy including backlinks and on page optimisation factors. Websites with high authority go hand in hand with those with high PageRank so as part of your SEO project it’s essential to work on building up your authority to help increase PR. By creating a lot of highly relevant content and backlinks and using other SEO factors such as social media optimisationyou can help to improve SEO results and PageRank.

If you are working to obtain more inbound links to your website then try to find links carrying as much PageRank as possible as they will be worth more to your website. By achieving high PR links to your website you will be increasing the number of votes to your website therefore helping it to look more authoritive. Backlinks greatly help to improve both SEO results and PageRank on your website.

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