How to build an authority website

Making your website an authority site is very important when it come to scaling the search engines for many of your key terms. The more authority your website has, the more search engines look at your website as a force in your particular market. Getting authority for the site is not an easy task and it can take some time before you see any significant results. Below are just a few tips on how to build your website so it has every chance from day one of building authority.

Get a domain name that is keyword friendly

By including one of your keywords in the domain name then this can help with both search engine optimisation straight away and also build authority. Appropriate URL tags which include the keywords will also help and brings relevance to each of your pages. Another great tip is to purchase an older domain name that has been used before as this shows the search engines that the domain is established and already has a certain amount of authority.

Creating relevant content

Relevant content for your website is a must and not just for building authority. Relevant content is a major factor for search engine optimisation and will also show your customers that you know your market. This can take some time to come up with but in the long run it will pay off. Around 350-400 words per page should be the right amount of copy as an more and your users may begin to get board and switch to another site.

Blogging is a great way of building this content as it is easy to implement and can be quicker than putting more web pages onto the site. The immediacy of blog entries means that it is a great way of writing more copy about your current services and offers along with any other internet marketing services you may be doing. Blogs are also a great way of creating fresh content for the site, which search engines look very favourably on as it shows that the site is being well maintained and loved.

Make sure the site structure is correct

The site structure is obviously extremely important for SEO in general but making sure everything on the site is set up properly for the launch of the site will help gain authority. Title tags, URL tags and header tags are of course extremely important throughout the site making sure to put in relevant keywords on each page. NoFollow tags on links to pages that do not need to be crawled by search engines is also good SEO practice and will stop any wasted crawling on the site.

Internal links within the site will help the search engines crawl the site, bring relevancy to each page and establish your site as a professional and well implemented site. At the end of the day, professional websites that have been set up and built correctly will generally build authority very well.

Generating themed backlinks

Themed backlinks to the site show that other companies from your related industry are interested and respect your site enough to put your link on their site. Links can be created through submitting your site to directory websites that are either free or paid directories, but specifically themed websites will be more beneficial in terms of building authority.

Writing articles and online press releases brings links

Writing article and online press releases can also seem to be a bit of a chore as it can take some time to create and think of a relevant and interesting topic, but the benefits are obvious. Useful and well written articles can bring both quality backlinks by submitting to article directories whilst also generating kudos from people who enjoy reading them. Articles and press releases that interest people will make them go onto your site to read more about your services.

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