How to Populate Your Website for SEO

Populating your website means to increase everything on your site in order to reach higher SEO rankings. By having more pages on your website you are increasing the amount of authoritive, relevant copy and increasing the chances of your web pages showing up in Google’s results pages. Increasing the amount of inbound links also helps to boost rankings, and increasing keyword density (to a certain degree) so populating your site is about making things bigger and better where required.

You can increase the chance of your webpages showing up in Google by regularly updating content and adding fresh new content often so that Google then wants to come back regularly to index the new pages. This is a great thing- if Google likes your site enough to come back quickly then you know you’re about to come into to some good ranking results. If search engines only crawl your website once in a long while then it’s because they know nothing has changed on there for them to add.

It sounds obvious but you need to add more content on your website to create more pages, whether you’re using blocks of copy on product pages or separate content pages or blogs. Content makes you look authoritive but you have to write the content from an SEO perspective as well as making it user friendly. Optimise your content with keywords that are relevant to the theme, aim for an optimum keyword density of 3-7%. Make each page completely unique and specific to the topics you’re targeting, don’t be tempted to duplicate your content even if you do end up writing about similar subjects twice over. Put content in a good, themed structure. A good navigational structure is helpful for users, which is good for search engines and it helps to back up the themes. Use internal links within your content as well to guide Google around related pages.

Populate your website by building more inbound links, this can be done several ways but one of the easiest is to contact a link building company and have them build the links for you. This means you can get really high quality, one-way, high PageRank and nicely themed links to your website much quicker than you would be able to do yourself. View each link as a vote and the more votes you have, the more authoritive you will look to search engines, and that’s why links are so important for SEO.

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