Monitoring Your SEO Campaign

Once you have decided to invest your internet marketing budget in using a professional search engine optimisation company to generate more sales from your website, it’s a good idea to do your own monitoring of the campaigns progress. The SEO company will of course produce monthly reports as an overview of the results, but there’s nothing better than doing some monitoring yourself. The search engine results do change from week to week and focus on the chosen main keywords is important to see the progression of the campaign. There are a few ways of monitoring the SEO campaign that won’t take too long to do each week and it could also benefit the campaign overall.

Google Analytics

Google offers a range of free tools that every website should use in order to track how well the website is working for their business. Google Analytics is extremely useful as it shows the amount of traffic coming into the website and from where users have found the site and what pages users go to. You can also set goals in the Google Analytics account so you can track the conversions rates through the site along with the monetary value of the traffic you receive. It also shows the keywords that users are searching for when finding your site so these statistics can really help the SEO campaign.

Finding the Website through the Search Engines

As well as looking at the statistics through Google Analytics it’s a good idea to do some manual searching through some of the major search engines. By searching for the keyword phrases that you agreed with the SEO agency you will be able to find out how the site is doing and also how well your competitors sites are doing. It will also show what pages the keywords are going to on the site as going directly to the product page is a positive sign for users.

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