Optimising your Site for Bing

If you haven’t been looking at the latest news in internet marketing, Bing is the brand new search engine from Microsoft and takes over from the previous engine, Microsoft Live. Bing will crawl, analyse and index billions of web pages and other Internet content to make sure it returns the most relevant results for its users. From the outset, Bing is boasting to being a decision engine, which brings back search results that will quickly answer your search question. Bing hopes to improve the satisfaction of searchers by finding the answers to user’s questions in an easier and faster way. Their search results also categorise the results in different ways to other search engines to make it more user friendly.

But as a new search engine comes along to compete with Google, search engine optimisation companies are desperate to find out what they look for when ranking websites. Although it is very early days for the search engine, there are a few things that SEO and internet marketing companies have already noticed in terms of website likes and dislike.

Copy is Key

The amount of text on each web page seems to play a big factor for Bing, especially compared to the other major search engines. Web pages with at least 300 words seem to benefit from the new search engine.

A Good Title Goes a Long Way

Relevant titles are crucial for Bing as it favours titles that correlate to the subject very well. You must make sure these titles are correct in order to stand a chance in Bing.

Domain Age Helps Your Ranking

Bing seems to enjoy a domain that has been registered for many years as it seems to show experience. This may mean that purchasing an old domain name really help.

Links Out Of the Site

Many of the major search engines, including Google, don’t seem to like outbound links as it will reduce your Page Rank and give it to other sites. Bing on the hand seems to love these links out of the site.

Blogging is Bad News

Surprisingly, Bing seems to have a low opinion of Bloggers and doesn’t seem to rank them highly. This is especially true when bloggers try to battle with the major websites for space when recent news events occur.

Anchor Text Always Rules

Providing quality anchor text is key in all search engines as one of the measurements of the quality of the site is the inbound links. Making these are correct is crucial for all search engines.

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