Who is the most popular search engine?

We all know really that Google is the most popular and most used search engine globally but why and who is competing with it?

Google steadily holds 90% of the search engine market share, not leaving a lot of room for any other SE’s to come up. Yahoo! is second in line with 5% of this global market and then Bing in third place with about 3%, which is slightly more than the old MSN search engine had. The other 2% is dithered out between other large search engines that are used in certain areas of the world like Ask or Baidu.

When it comes to search engine optimisation we only really pay attention to those top 3 search engines even thought there are thousands of them all over the internet. SEO is all about the search engines and praying up to them like they are our God’s, but there’s no point trying to optimise against the smaller SE’s as they won’t bring you enough traffic, you should target those largest in your geographical location. If you search ‘search engines’ in Google surprisingly you will see that Google is ranked in position 4 so it doesn’t appear to think enough of itself to rank right at the top!

Google bases its algorithms around relevancy, which is why it’s search results give the most relevant websites to your search term and therefore Google is providing its users with some of the best answers in its results pages compared to other search engines. Some search engines work slightly differently, for example Bing claims to be decision engine giving quick answers to their users questions so results are different to those shown in Google as the algorithms contain different likes and dislikes. Ask Jeeves also claims to give you answers to a question but actually when you’re searching the results simply contain the keywords you searched for, so their algorithms are based on relevancy again not answers.

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