Why aren’t you doing search engine marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is the term used in the UK when speaking about SEO and PPC together in improving ranking results on search engines. Whether you are trying to push your website up the left or right column in the Google results, it’s known as search marketing.

This online marketing technique is very important for any websites in order to advertise their business, gain traffic and increase company revenue. No website can survive without visitors and what better way to get visitors than from the search engines? People who find you there already have intent to buy.

Most websites receive at least 50% of their daily traffic hits from search engines, and some sites rely completely on it with over 90% of their traffic from there. Search engines are hugely popular as users are constantly using search engines to find what they’re looking for- searching on SE’s like Google is the second most frequent task performed by internet users every day. If your website is hard to find on search then you’re missing out on an absolutely huge amount of traffic.

By doing search engine marketing you will be spreading your company name right across the internet, from results in the organic listings, paid listings, as well as from articles and websites like Twitter. This enables your company to have increased brand awareness across the whole online market, if users keep finding your name they will see that you are an authority and then click on your site.

SEO Junkies know all about search engine marketing and specialist in search engine optimisation, with a sister company who specialise in PPC so we can provide a full online marketing solution including the new social media optimisation.

The Junkies internet marketing brands have years of experience in online marketing, especially when it comes to anything SEO. Search engine marketing can cover different aspects of marketing depending on where you are in the world and which agency you go to, SEO Junkies know the important facts that matter to do well in search marketing, they won’t bother you with irrelevant salesy rubbish.