Black Hat SEO

At SEO Junkies we believe in going by the rules of the industry in order to generate worthwhile organic search engine results for our clients and continue with our reputation as a leading search engine optimization company. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other SEO agencies who feel that they can somehow cheat the system to achieve quick search engine results by cutting corners and using Black Hat SEO techniques. These Black Hat techniques are deemed as trying to trick the search engines, which rarely works as search engines have improved their algorithms to find these methods of optimisation.

Below are a few Black Hat SEO techniques that you should be aware of when choosing an agency to deal with your search engine optimisation.

Creating Hidden Content

Some companies feel that having copy on a website can make it look cluttered and impact too much on the design. This can lead to design and SEO agencies to resorting to hiding content on the site mainly through making the text the same colour as the background. Companies will then use this hidden content for keyword stuffing, which is also frowned upon by the search engines. Due to the sophistication of the algorithms, hidden content is easily found and the technique very rarely works.

Meta Keyword Stuffing

Meta tags are important in terms of search engine optimization as it helps search engines find out the relevancy of the site and each page. By keyword stuffing your meta data it can greatly impact your site as this is not looked on kindly by the search engines. Search engines obviously look out for keywords in the meta data but keyword stuffing is against the search engine terms, which could severely impact on your organic search rankings.

Doorway or Gateway Pages

Creating fake pages on the site, also known as Doorway or Gateway Pages, is a Black Hat SEO technique used to stuff a large amount of content on and are highly optimized on certain keywords. These specific keywords are then linked to the landing page so the end users are automatically redirected to the target page.

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